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Engineering Services We Provide

The first step toward successful land development is due diligence.

We Have What It Takes

At AEG, we have the knowledge and experience to see your project through to success.

 With the ability to approach each unique project with foresight, we are committed to providing our clients excellent civil engineering services in the greater Denton area and beyond.

Our Approach and Coordination


First, Seek To Understand

your vision, goals & objectives

Visit The Site

and design the project by visualizing how it will fit on the site.

Prepare A Design Drawing

and present it to you to verify that we have captured your vision.


Process The Application

through the appropriate agencies

Continued communication with you is a priority in our coordination efforts.

Due Diligence

  1. Research ordinances, regulations, and federal requirements applicable to your project.
  2. Conduct an initial analysis of the site.
  3. Investigate available utilities.
  4. Determine transportation characteristics and requirements.
  5. Confirm that the desired improvements will be acceptable in accordance with local building restrictions.
  6. Investigate drainage requirements based on the project location.
  7. Investigate any hindrances that would stall the project moving forward.
  8. Prepare a Concept Site Plan

Land development 101

Creativity and common sense are two key ingredients when it comes to Land Development. AEG has both in abundance. We’ll make sure to meet all City ordinances and requirements for your project while keeping you and your desires at the forefront. Successful and efficient Land Development doesn’t need to be a rocky road.

1. Create a Preliminary Plat

  1. After the Due Diligence Process has been completed, we take the client approved Concept site plan and create a Preliminary Plat, complete with property description including proposed lots and streets, initial Drainage Analysis and layout of probable storm sewer system, Wastewater analysis and proposed improvements, and Analysis of water requirements such as irrigation and fire hydrants.
  2. Submit the Preliminary Plat to the City or County for review.
  3. Address all review comments by making modifications and resubmitting for further review.
  4. Upon approval by the City/ County, the process for Final Plat can proceed.

2. Create a final Plat

Based on field surveys, including Boundary, Topographic and Tree, the Final Plat depicts the geometry of the site layout and any public right-of-ways and easements.

  1. The Final Plat must be submitted along with a set of Construction Plans which may, depending on the scope of the project, include:
    • Drainage Analysis of existing and proposed conditions
    • Grading plans
    • Street paving plan and profile
    • Sanitary sewer plan and profile
    • Water plan
    • Storm drain plan and profile
    • Detention pond design
    • Traffic control plan
    • Erosion control plan
    • Detail sheets of city construction standards
  2. Submit the Final plat and Construction plans to the City/ County for review.
  3. Address all review comments by making modifications and resubmitting for further review.
  4. Receive Approval letter from the City/County.
  5. Advertise and award the project to your chosen contractor.
  6. Construction takes place.
  7. Final City/County Inspection of the Public Works Improvements.
  8. Submit Record Drawings
  9. Receive Letter of Acceptance
  10. File the Plat with Public Records

Our services

Land Development – Residential/Commercial

We combine creativity, technical knowledge and common sense in the transformation of your vision into a proposed development.


Zoning Plans


Preliminary Plats


Concept Plan


Site Plan


Grading Plan


Paving/Street Plan


Drainage Plan


Water & Sewer Plans


Erosion Control Plan


Construction Period Services


Record Drawings

Drainage/Storm Sewer Systems


Drainage system modeling


Drainage system master plans


Hydraulic/hydrologic analysis


Storm sewer system design


Detention/retention pond design


Flood plain analysis


Flood plain management

Water and Wastewater Systems


System modeling


System master plans


Treatment plants


Pumping stations


Lift stations


Well sites


Elevated and ground storage tanks

Project Coordination

We have relationships with top consultants and designers to provide a comprehensive scope of deliverables.

Landscape plans




Irrigation plans


M/E/P plans


Architectural plans


Structural drawings


Environmental studies


Geotechnical investigations


Traffic studies


Construction estimates and budgets

Transportation Systems


Highway/street/road design


Traffic generation analysis


TxDOT access permits


Traffic control plans


Striping, marking and signage plans


Route studies


Parking lot design

Litigation Support

Experienced Expert Litigation Support

As a holder of professional engineering licensure, Allison Engineering Group is available to offer expert witness and litigation consulting services. Our team is highly educated, experienced, and trained, and we can provide guidance and support for plaintiff and defense cases.

Trustworthy Information

When engineering disputes are presented, you can be confident the technical support information we provide is a fair and accurate assessment to supplement your case.

Expert Witness Identification

From our broad experience in the industry, we understand the importance and impact of expert witness testimony in a case. We excel in identifying an engineer with just the right experience and expertise as an asset to your case.

Impressive Credentials

With engineering litigation, the outcome of disputes can hang in the balance of witness testimony. The engineers we provide for courtroom testimony are assured to have extensive career industry experience and credentials and know how to deliver convincing and objective project analysis.

Courtroom Exhibit Collateral

Our clients’ cases are supported in the courtroom through our provision of state-of-the art visual assets. To support our detailed technical reports, we can create video animation, graphic renderings and artwork, modeling, etc.

Hire Us to complete your Due Diligence

Three Steps for Successful Land Development Projects

Due Diligence Process

Click here to read more about our Due Diligence Process.

Land Development Process

Click here to read more about our Land Development Process.

Construct Your Building or Sell Lots/Pad Site, etc.

The land development portion of the project is complete at this point.

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