About Allison Engineering Group

Allison Engineering Group, Inc was started by Lee K. Allison PE, FNSPE when he observed the growing need for a local presence to provide quality professional land development services in Denton and surrounding areas.With years of hands-on project experience to draw upon, our diverse staff delivers innovative, appropriate, and valued solutions for each project. Our expertise, depth, and in-house resources provide quality solutions for our clients.


Jason Faigle, P.E.

As provider of professional land development services, Lee insists that Allison Engineering be intimately familiar with local ordinances, regulations and processes and to be a consultant on whom every developer can confidently rely. Lee continually reminds AEG’s employees that as consultants, it is our job to know the regulations better than the regulators.

Lee’s vision for Allison Engineering is to establish an exciting and challenging work environment where talented design specialists would realize their personal and professional goals through the successful completion of every client’s project combined with employee ownership opportunities.

Our ultimate goal is to serve our clients by focusing our efforts on making their projects a success. Our mission includes getting quality projects in operation as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our entire team is dedicated to your success. We cannot accomplish that unless we know your expectations, you know our intentions and we work together to merge the two into a successful project. Therefore we have developed a project philosophy designed to achieve that goal:

  1. "Seek First to Understand and Then to be Understood"
  2. Solve the Problem
  3. Design the Solution
  4. Satisfy the Client