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Engineering Services We Provide

Medium to large scale improvement projects are not for the faint of heart.

The entire process requires time, patience, experience and capital resources in order to be successful.
At Allison Engineering, we are familiar with ordinances, regulations, and processes of the City of Denton and its surrounding communities having routinely worked on projects within a 100 mile radius for the past 14 years.

We are committed to providing competitive quality civil engineering consultation and design services
for the success of your land development and municipal projects.

 Land Development – Commercial/Industrial/Residential

We combine creativity, technical knowledge and common sense in the transformation of raw land
into a proposed development.
  • Grading plan
  • Paving/Street plan
  • Drainage plan
  • Water & Sewer Plans
  • Landscape plan
  • Erosion control plan
  • Due Diligence Study
  • Concept Site Plan
  • Site/Master plan
  • Preliminary and Final Plats
  • Construction Period Services
  • Record Drawings

Drainage/Storm Sewer Systems

  • Drainage system modeling
  • Drainage system master plans
  • Hydraulic/hydrologic analysis
  • Storm sewer system design
  • Detention/retention pond design
  • Flood plain analysis
  • Flood plain management

Wastewater Collection Systems

  • Wastewater system modeling
  • Wastewater system master plans
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Lift stations

Water Treatment/Distribution Systems

  • Water system modeling
  • Water system master plans
  • Water treatment plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Well sites
  • Elevated and ground storage tanks

Transportation Systems

  • Highway/street/road design
  • Traffic generation analysis
  • TXDOT access permits
  • Traffic control plans
  • Striping, marking and signage plans
  • Route studies
  • Parking lot design

Our Approach and Coordination

  • First, Seek To Understand — your vision, goals & objectives.
  • Visit The Site and design the project by visualizing how it will fit on the site.
  • Prepare A Design Drawing and present it to you to verify that we have captured your vision.
  • Process The Application through the appropriate agencies

Continued communication with you is a priority in our coordination efforts.

Three Steps for Successful Land Development Projects

Due Diligence Process

Click here to read more about our Due Diligence Process.

Land Development Process

Click here to read more about our Land Development Process.

Construct Your Building or Sell Lots/Pad Site, etc.

The land development portion of the project is complete at this point.

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